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Premier College Prep Consulting, LLC offers a variety of consulting packages to assist our clients.  We recommend that clients commit to a comprehensive plan to gain the most out of our services; however, we are able to support students short-term as well.  The packages range from extensive support (up to 25 sessions) to targeted concierge options on specific topics (6 sessions).   If you have questions about any of our packages, please contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss the best option to support your college preparation journey.


The Concierge Plan is for any student that feels that they are only interested in targeting specific areas of the college application process.   This plan includes a maximum of 6 sessions.  These packages are custom built based on the information discussed during the consultation, and the plan sessions can be altered throughout the contract as needed.  For example, someone may need all 6 sessions to focus on essay writing, while another may want to have 3 on essay writing and 3 on interview skills. The topics that can be included in the concierge plan are:

  • Who Am I? – An exploration of the student’s personality and desired future paths, with the inclusion of personality assessments, college planning surveys, defining preferred college characteristics, and career discussion (minimum of 2 sessions)

  • Building My College List – Identifying desired characteristics and criteria for colleges, utilizing resources to build your potential college list, narrowing the selection to a final choice (minimum of 1 session which would cover the process only)


  • The College Essay – Strategies and tips to strengthen the college essay (scholarship essays can also be covered), brainstorming sessions on topics to write about, drafting essays and receiving feedback, basic Do’s and Don’ts of college essay writing (minimum of 2 sessions)


  • Interview Preparation – Strategies to strengthen interview skills, review of commonly asked questions for college and scholarship interviews with brainstorming of potential answers that are targeting the student’s experiences, Do’s and Don’ts of interviews, mock interview practice (minimum of 2 sessions)


  • Building My Student Resume – Review of student activities, awards, and other data to draft a strong student resume, discussion on how to strengthen the student resume, review and feedback of draft student resume (minimum of 1 session)


  • High School Course Planning – Review of student transcript and course options, recommendations on courses that will strengthen the student as a college applicant, recommendations of courses that will strengthen the student’s experience towards future college and career goals (minimum of 1 session)


  • Financial Aid 101 – Exploration of financial aid topics – learn how to calculate the family’s EFC, cost of attendance, and projected net cost of college, discussion of the FAFSA/CSS profile, discuss methods to find scholarships/grants (minimum of 1 session)


Comprehensive packages are for those clients who want the maximum support in the college preparation and application process through a maximum of 15 sessions.  These packages provide ongoing support and resources through throughout the life of the package.  Two packages are offered – the Comprehensive Academic Plan and the Prospective College Student-Athlete Plan. 


Comprehensive Academic Plan – This plan provides support through a series of individual sessions, resources, and access to ask questions between sessions.  It is highly recommended that students begin this plan by the beginning of the junior year.  Areas of support include, but are not limited to

  • Access to online program for college planning

  • Completion of personality assessments for college and career exploration

  • High school course guidance

  • Standardized testing advice

  • Building a strong student resume

  • Planning extracurriculars and summer plans for impact

  • Developing a list of potential colleges

  • Strategies to narrow the list of colleges for applications

  • Assistance with beginning the college essay – brainstorming ideas and discussing structure

  • Review of up to 5 college/scholarship essays

  • Preparation for college visits

  • Assistance with financial aid process

  • Advice on teacher recommendations

  • Evaluation of college acceptance letters

  • Evaluation of financial aid packages

  • Provide reminders of important timelines and deadlines

  • Assistance with selecting the final choice

  • Advice on a successful transition to college

  • Overall preparation to be a strong candidate for college admission and scholarship programs

Prospective College Student-Athlete Plan – This plan provides support to high school students that have the desire to be recruited to play sports in college.  It is highly recommended to start this plan during the sophomore year.  Areas of support include, but are not limited to

  • Review of sport specific college athletic statistics and current data

  • Analysis of player, parent, and coach input of potential of collegiate athletics

  • Understanding the recruiting process and timelines

  • Developing a strong athletic profile

  • Strategies to produce a strong recruiting video

  • Review and feedback of video footage

  • Developing a potential list of colleges based on athletic performance

  • Creation of a coach contact log

  • Effective communication with collegiate coaches

  • NCAA Eligibility Center and requirements

  • Completing research of prospective teams

  • Preparing for college athletic visits

  • Reflection of college athletic visits

  • Review of the acceptance potential to colleges of interest

*Please note that the Prospective College Student-Athlete plan does not provide support for general college applications and admissions.  The focus on this plan is only to find potential colleges that fit the client in regards to their athletic ability and goals.  For students and parents that want support in both areas, please consider the Elite Plan (described below).


This plan consists of a maximum of 25 sessions and can be custom built and altered as needed throughout the life of the plan.  This package is recommended for families that want total support throughout high school.  The plan would consist of all services offered, with additional support throughout the earlier years in high school to better prepare a student for college admissions.  Support would also be provided with high school course selection and building a strong student resume early in the high school years. 


Parents may also select this package if they are interested in having both the academic and prospective college student-athlete plans.   A combination of the two comprehensive plans allows the client to explore both colleges based on interest and academic fit, along with the colleges where the client could potentially pursue a position on an athletic team. 

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